Sharp IMG Viewer

Sharp IMG Viewer 1.0.5767.17338

Manage and modify your images

Sharp IMG Viewer is a basic but functional image viewer and editor for your PC. View full description


  • Lots of basic editing options
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Lots of export options


  • Unattractive interface
  • No advanced editing


Sharp IMG Viewer is a basic but functional image viewer and editor for your PC.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Sharp IMG Viewer is a graphics editor like Photoshop. It’s actually a flexible, well-organized way of managing the technical – rather than creative – side of your photos.

When you open Sharp IMG Viewer, you’ll be able to open your folders of photos and browse through them, viewing each image in the main interface. You can access some of the program’s functions by right-clicking on the image tab, while the rest of the features and tools are available through the menu options and icons in the top bar.

Among the tasks you’ll be able to carry out with Sharp IMG Viewer are changing the file type, basic editing (such as rotating images and applying color filters), as well as viewing photo metadata and performing basic video operations, such as saving a frame and creating GIFs.

Sharp IMG Viewer feels old-fashioned. It works well and has tons of features, but there are so many other tools – such as Photoscape and GIMP – that do pretty much the same job, and then some. Even so, Sharp IMG Viewer does exactly what it says it will, so if it offers features that are perfect for your needs, don’t hesitate to download.

Sharp IMG Viewer feels a little old-fashioned, but is still a very comprehensive image editor.

Sharp IMG Viewer


Sharp IMG Viewer 1.0.5767.17338

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  • MGratsas

    by MGratsas

    "Optimized for Windows 7 and Windows Vista"

    Attention to Windows 7 users: you can use Taskbar and Start menu jumplists to open the most recently used image files...   More.